Tips that would help you get more clients, through free classified websites

Tips to get free clients in Nigeria.

Below are 3 tips that would increase the likelihood of you getting fast patronage on free classifieds, using as a case study.


1) Quality ‘Description’ :
Your description should not be too short,  a description of less than ten (10) words would not do you any good, examples of short descriptions are: “we are professional website designers in Lagos Nigeria” or “we are graphics designers in Lagos Nigeria“. Your description should be about 4 to 5-lines or a little bit more than that, depending on the nature of your goods/services. A detailed description would do better in telling people about your product/service. Also, your description should be simple and clear, don’t use too many Grammar or Technical words. Any teenager who can read should be about to understand what you are talking about. It should also not be too long, so it wouldn’t look discouraging for people to start reading.


2)  Price:
Make sure you state your exact price or give your price range.  People definitely want to have an idea of the price before deciding whether or not to contact you. You are not the only one advertising that product/service on the internet, so if you don’t indicate your price, those who indicate their prices already have an edge over you (especially if theirs is cheap). So don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter if you don’t indicate your price. I would even suggest you also write your price within the space provided for your ‘Description’. Also, consider the prices of other people who are advertising the same goods/services, your price should not be too expensive or too cheap, but let it be cheap ‘on the average’.


3) Get Registered: like some other free classifieds would allow you to post your ads even without registering or logging in. I strongly would recommend you get registered on OLX and other classifieds before making any advert, and don’t forget to Log-In and Out before and after every advert you want to make. If you don’t register or Log-in before posting an advert, your “Username” for that particular advert on OLX would indicate you as an “Anonymous” user, and this wouldn’t speak well of you or your product/service. While other people who are advertising that same product/service have a username that sounds legitimate, corporate and professional, you wouldn’t like your own username to indicate you as an unknown person, so GET REGISTERED and make sure you are logged-in before making any advert.


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