Best Pickup and Delivery Services in Ikorodu

All you need to know about hiring the best pickup and delivery services in Ikorodu.

1) What is Pickup & Delivery Services all about?


Delivery Services is a business relationship that involves the pickup and transportation of one or more items from one location and dropping off of the item(s) at a predefined destination determined by the customer/client.

What is Express Courier pickup delivery service in ikorodu

2) Our Pickup & Delivery Services in Ikorodu.

Errand, Pick Up and Delivery within Ikorodu.

Pickup and Delivery Services in Ikorodu

We offer Pickup & Deliver Services in Ikorodu, no matter the size of your package. Our experience ensures that we can deliver a bespoke solution tailored to your needs, whether you need a scheduled, dedicated or ad hoc service.

3) Best Pickup & Delivery Services for businesses and Individuals in Ikorodu.

No. #1 Pick-up and Delivery Services provider in Ikorodu.

Best Pickup and Delivery Services for businesses and individuals

Do you or your business need to send or receive letters, parcels or any other item at all? Of any size? Occasionally or periodically? If that is the case, we recommend starting to use our Pickup and Delivery Service in Ikorodu. You will save time and effort when you don’t have to take your outgoing mail to a service point yourself and the incoming items are always brought to an agreed location. We will pick up and deliver items in accordance to an agreed schedule from or to a location specified in the contract.

Many businesses and organizations depend on pickup and delivery services for the overall success of their operational activities at one point or the other or on a continual basis. For some companies, reliable, timely deliveries of parcels, letters, and documents are an essential element of their overall business practices. For others, delivery or pickup services are needed only occasionally to distribute contracts, business proposals, financial records, and other business materials. Whichever way it is for you or your organization, we are here to serve you and give your business activities the best and seamless delivery services that is needed for optimal performance. We offer the best pickup and delivery services for businesses and individuals in Ikorodu and other locations in Lagos states.

4) Benefits of using our Pickup & Delivery Services in Ikorodu.

Best Delivery services in Ikorodu.

Our pickup and delivery services take the hassle and stress of delivery out of your hands and leave you with a happy experience all the time. Just as you rely on us to deliver your packages, we rely on your satisfaction to keep us in business. We are very reliable when it comes to rendering pickup and delivery services in Ikorodu.

We provide cost effective pick-up and delivery solutions for our clients. We are very affordable relative to the quality of service we provide.

Benefits of  Services

It is very easy to track/follow-up the delivery process of your item{s} with us. No sophisticated software is needed to make this happen, just the same regular means of communication which you use on a daily basis that you are very familiar with. Just place a call, send SMS or WhatsApp and we would give you accurate update on the exact location of your item(s) as well as traffic update. This is in our bid to provide you with great customer service and keep you satisfied with our pick-up and delivery services.

5) Errand Services in Ikorodu.

Reliable Errand and Delivery Services in Ikorodu.

Errand Services in Ikorodu

At BusinessOntop we help individuals and businesses in Ikorodu run everyday delivery errands – effortlessly. We do Errand (Pickup and Delivery) Services for individuals and businesses in Ikorodu and other parts of Lagos States. Every job is unique when it comes to errand deliveries, so you tell us what you want, and we make it happen.

Also, we work with independent transporters where necessary depending on the unique nature of your job. At BusinessOntop we pick up and deliver a wide variety of items when carrying out errand services, including home items/appliances. We also do Pets delivery such as dogs or puppy pick up and delivery. At BusinessOntop, we only deliver legal items and do not get involved with anything illegal. Please no hidden item should be included. We also inspect every package before accepting a job, so we only accept jobs that we can inspect the item first, for security reasons.

6) How much is Pick-up & delivery within Ikorodu?

Cost/Prices of Errand and Delivery Services in Ikorodu.

Costs for our courier and delivery services will vary based upon;

  • the size and weight of the item,
  • what type of vehicle will be required,
  • how quickly you need the item delivered and
  • the distance from your pick up point and delivery point.

Contact us for an accurate quote.

Cost/Prices Errand, Pickup and Delivery Services in Ikorodu

7) Contact us; for Pick Up and delivery within Ikorodu.

Errand, Delivery and Pickup services in Ikorodu.

We are always available and willing to hear from you. Click on the Contact Button below to reach us.

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