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Business Development Services (BDS) refers to a wide range of non-financial services used by entrepreneurs and corporations to help them improve the performance of their projects/businesses, access markets, and ability to compete in the Nigerian or global market. The role of Business Consultants and Development Service Providers in the development of enterprises is widely recognized throughout the world. In some economies like Singapore, business services are at least 15% of domestic output.

Business Consulting and development services are invisible products, which means quality of final delivery cannot be judged in the same way as other physical goods. When selecting a Business Consulting and Development Service provider, judgment on quality of services can only be made based on the reputation of the firm, the presentation made by the consultants, and final results derived after all said and done.

When businesses reach a certain level of growth, more management systems-related problems develop that are beyond their capacity to solve. In this case, the use of management consulting services by Business Development firms in Nigeria is a necessary and efficient solution. Even in cases where businesses may have the expertise to resolve the problems by themselves, they usually are driven by day-to-day business activities that are geared towards more short-term profit and may not necessarily be well positioned to carry out the needed changes. Furthermore, independent 3rd Party consultants have a more objective approach to solutions which are not biased by the internal politics of the business/organization.

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