Business Growth – 4 ways to get more clients through the Internet

Internet Business Growth in Nigeria – 4 ways to get more Business Clients.

Do you need more clients? I would share with you 4 different ways you can get more clients through the internet. Some are FREE, others are paid. They are ALL effective, but some are more effective than the others, and their level of effectiveness also depends on the type of product or service you are advertising on them.


1) Google paid advert:
Its simple, you pay Google to show your website at the very top; whenever people search for keywords that relates to your products and your location. This is a very effective medium of advertising as lots of people go to to search for products and services within their location of operation, and Google would place your website at the very top if you are ready to pay for it.


2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
This is also another very effective means of getting lots of clients from the internet. And just like Google Paid Advert, you would need to have a website to use this medium. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about the different ways of manipulating a website so it would show up easily on search engines (especially Google), whenever people search for your products in a given location. It has nothing to do with how beautiful or functional a website is. It is a process that is slightly complicated, and you would need to hire an expert that is good at it for you can get an excellent result from it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a longer time than Google Paid Advert before you start getting results from it, but SEO could give you a never-ending-result while Google Paid Advert is just for a short while, except if you choose to continually pay Google. It is easy to know if your website is very much optimized for search engines. Just go to (do NOT search for your business name), rather search for your key product in your key location; examples would be: “website designer in Lagos Nigeria” or “Business Consulting firm in Nigeria” or “Graphics designer in Lagos“. The set of websites that come up first are the most Search Engine Optimized and the owners of these websites get virtually all the prospective online clients to themselves.


3) Google plus:
Google Plus is a Free Social Blogging platform owned by Google. You could have a Google Plus Page for your business as well as a Google Plus Account for your personal use, and Google has made these platforms to be very much optimized for ‘Google’ Search Engine, so you can get very significant online result through these platforms. This means that whatever you post on either your Google plus Page or account, these platforms have a high tendency of showing it up on, (but for now, the contents of Google plus do not show up on some mobile devices especially Opera mini). Note that even though Google Plus is an optimized platform for Google search engine, the contents you are posting also need to be search engine optimized for you to get a significant result, that means you need to draft your content with the knowledge of what search engines require. Also after some time, the level of search engine significance attached to your content on Google plus would begin to reduce.


4) Free Classifieds:
These are websites that allow you advertise your products and services for free on them. They have categories and subcategories for all sorts of businesses and products. So you would advertise your products/services in the most appropriate subcategories. They could be a very effective medium for getting clients/buyers online depending on what you are selling. Note that these websites are usually not search engine optimized, as such only those of them with lots of visitors on a daily bases are effective. The most popular free classifieds in Nigeria are and


Thanks for reading, I would be glad to give you any further form of assistance or information you might need. Feel free to share this article with your friends on any of your online platforms, but be kind enough to add my contact details and acknowledge me as the source of the article, especially since you know your readers might have further questions which you may not be able to answer. The growth of your business would give me joy, so contact me for possible solutions to other business challenges you might be facing.


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