Web Design in Nigeria | Answers to the 4 most popular Questions directed to Web Designers in Nigeria

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Answers to the 4 most popular Questions directed to Web Designers in Nigeria

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Web Designers in Lagos Nigeria

These are answers to the 4 most popular questions directed to website designers in Nigeria.


Question 1: How much does it cost to design a website in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria?

*Answer: There is no fixed price for Website Design, it all depends on the designer, the level of expertise of the designer and the requirements of the particular web design job. We would recommend that you do not go for the cheapest web designer and also do not go for the most expensive web designer, just get the average: an average price would be N35,000 for 5 pages, which would also include some added professional features like “Search Engine Optimization” and “Mobile Compatibility”

Question 2: How long does it take to design a Website in Nigeria?

*Answer: This also depends on; the speed of your website designer, the level of expertise of the designer, the requirements of the particular web design job and how many jobs the website designer has to do in relation to his available time. On the average, a 5 pages website should take about one week, that is if the web designer is not too busy with other jobs.

Question 3: After paying for a Website, do I have to pay any amount again in the future?

*Answer: Yes. After you have paid for a completed website design job, you would be required to renew the domain name and hosting plan of the website once a year. On the average, this should be between N5,000 to N10,000 for a simple website with a reliable and standard Web Design Company in Nigeria. You ‘may’ also have to pay a fee for the website maintenance, but not all website design companies in Nigeria charge a fee for website maintenance, some web designers in Nigeria would not charge any additional amount for maintenance, but if your website requires regular updating by your website design company, then expect to be charged for maintenance. Just bear in mind that the amount you pay for renewal and maintenance, and the structure of payment differs from one web designer to an other.


Question 4: Would my Website be visible on Google? Would my Website come-up on the 1st page of Google? 

*Answer: Yes, virtually every website would show up on Google when the “website address” or the “business name” is searched for on Google. But the problem is: your prospective clients do not search for your ‘website address’ or ‘your business name’ when they go on Google, what they search for is usually a phrase (a combination of words) that consist of your “key product” (that could be written in different ways) and also your “key location”. For example, someone in Lagos Nigeria who wants a Logo for his business, would most likely search for “Logo designer in Lagos” or “Logo design Nigeria“. Someone who needs a Website would most likely search for “Web designers in Lagos” or “Website design company in Nigeria” or “Professional Web design companies in Nigeria“, this shows that if you want to get a good number of clients online through your website, then whoever is designing your website needs to also be an expert in “Search Engine Optimization -SEO“. When it comes to SEO in Nigeria, there are only a few experts, and Web designers in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, are usually not willing to go the extra mile in adding the little knowledge they have to ensure that the websites they design are Search Engine friendly (optimized), this is usually because the process is a little bit complicated and requires additional work and expertise; during and after a website has been designed. So if you want your website to show up easily on Google, then you need to ensure that your website is designed by an SEO expert, or you employ the services of an SEO company for your already designed website.
Professional SEO is a service that requires additional payment all over the world, so just be prepared.


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