Small/Low budget advertising in Nigeria – How to make more business sales.

Small budget advertising in Nigeria – How to make more sales in your business, when you only have a small budget for advertising.

There is no other way to go about it, for you to make more sales in your business; the first-step is for you (your business) to come in contact with more “prospective clients”. The way to come in contact with more prospective clients; is for you to maximize every possible medium of advertising which you can afford. Here are the best tips that would help you make more sales in your business, when you have only a small budget for advertising:


1 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

Have a nice looking business card, let it always be with you everywhere you go. And don’t forget to drop one with every prospective client you meet, even if they don’t ask for it.


2 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

Meet more people, make more friends and tell everybody you come across about what you do. Not necessarily for them to patronize you, but because you want them to remember you, whenever someone they know needs your products/services.


3 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

Continually upgrade the quality of your services and have a good relationship with your present customers, so they would always come back to you and also bring new customers to you. Appreciation goes a long way, so always appreciate your existing customers. Once in a while you would have some customers which you would not be able to satisfy (no matter what you do), but make sure you keep the number of such clients to the barest minimum.


4 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

Get a Website if you can, a well-designed website, and also hire the services of a search engine optimization expert (one that would be able to deliver results) so that your website would be easily discovered on Google, even appearing on the 1st page of Google when your related keywords are searched for.


5 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

There are some websites that allow business owners to advertise for free on them, they are called Free Classifieds. Make good use of them, examples are:

Some popular ones that no longer exist:


6 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

When it comes to advertising, the way & manner you go about presenting yourself REALLY REALLY matters. Always ask someone with a good sense for advertising to edit whatever written content you want to send out to the public.


7 – Small budget advertising in Nigeria.

Try as much as possible to build a close relationship with other people in the same business you are in. Make lots of friends among them, and always try to find out what they might be doing right that you are not doing, or how they do things differently from the way you do it, which is helping their businesses positively.


(Extra Point) –  Finally, whenever you come across your prospective clients, always give them some level of Free consultancy. Give them answers to the questions they have, without over-pushing for their patronage. This would show them that you are an expert in the field, and that its not all about you making money from them.

Best of luck.




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