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Hello, thanks for taking your time to check my profile, my name is Samuel Uwawah, and I really would love to build a personal relationship with you and your business, or brand.


In life I have always been passionate about 3 things;

Religion, Politics & Business.

When it comes to business;


“I believe every individual should be into one form of business or the other, and every business has what it takes to succeed”.


This belief has been the drive of many things I have done in the past, and it is still a driving force for many of the things I do today. I’m a business minded person and helping businesses succeed is a passion of mine.


It all started at the beginning of my campus days (University of Benin). Back then I was so passionate about being a part of the business/financial programs and seminars that took place on campus, and the passion still runs in me till date. Over the years, I have single-handedly initiated and executed projects in business, skill acquisition, and other fields, I have also been a part of other people’s projects.  I’m also a certified Information Technology (IT) practitioner and an expert on the Web.


I started building my passion through my search for knowledge; within and outside the walls of seminar rooms, training centers, the internet, online tutorials, and practical experiences. Today, I have been able to develop competency in:

  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Planning and Management
  • Web Development and Search Engine Optimization

In past and present times, I have given business/entrepreneurial consulting sessions to people, that has led to the needed growth and development of their businesses. I have also been commended by the United Nations; for my singular efforts in playing an active role in a United Nations Campaign towards global economic development.


My greatest desire right now is to be a part of your life, and a key-player in the growth of your business/project.

Feel free to contact me for a one-on-one business growth consulting session, and project planning.


I hope to hear from you soon

Samuel Ebiyon Uwawah





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