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Welcome to BusinessOntop. We are a Business Growth Services and Consulting firm that offer business enhancement services to small, medium and large scale enterprises all over Nigeria. We focus on offering business development services that would take your business/organization from where you are currently, to where you want to be. Through the help of the Internet, we are also able to deliver most of our services to our clients in different parts of the world, without seeing them physically (virtual). We offer individual and collective professional business services to our clients including (but not limited to); Website Design, Business Growth Consulting, Business Management and Structuring, Logo Design, Internet Marketing and Publicity, Training, Business Plan, Proposals, Company Profile, Feasibility Study Writing and other irregular business enhancement services you may require.

At the core of everything we do is Business Growth and Expansion, Business Development, Publicity, and good Corporate Image and Identity.

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Website Design & SEO

Anywhere you are in Nigeria, we offer Professional Website Design in Nigeria. If you need a website that expresses creativity, style, functionality, and user-friendliness, then you need us at BusinessOntop to design that website for you. We design websites for our clients all over Nigeria, and in most cases without seeing them physically (virtual). We have a team of Top Website designers in Lagos Nigeria.

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Business Documents

Whether you are starting or you have an established business with dozens of employees and planning to expand in Nigeria, we can help you write a professional business plan to fit your specific needs anywhere you are in Nigeria. We write custom Proposals, Feasibility Study, Company Profile and Business Plans in Lagos Nigeria. A good business plan will not only be the blueprint of your business, it will also provide you with a good entry into many doors, including the door of investors and financial institutions.



You may be setting out on a new business venture or you may have been in business for some time, you also know that your Products and Services are unique and outstanding, but you are asking yourself if it’s possible for you to get a Logo Designer in Nigeria who can design or redesign a Logo that would truly represent; the unique nature of your Products and Services as well as showcase the core values of your business, and register your true identity in the subconscious of your clients.



We assist private businesses and non-profit organisations in reaching their goals through strategic planning, operations review, business planing, organisational restructuring, strategic business process planning, and other related services. As a strategic business and entrepreneurial consulting firm in Lagos Nigeria, we partner with clients in all forms of business endeavors to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses.

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Orientation and Drive.

Its all about making Impact, and loving what you do.
How we do what we do

When passion meets professionalism, exceedingly great results are bound to happen. BusinessOntop was established out of a passion to help businesses succeed, and we command great results in everything we do.

It goes beyond our technical ability to deliver good jobs, but also the orientation we have and what actually drives us. This is what makes us see and treat every job as something special, and we always enjoy the privilege of being a part of the success story of every client's project.

We do a lot of jobs for our clients virtually (without seeing them physically). This is based on the trust that lots of people now have in us, and the good recommendations of past clients.

  • We score up to 98% in our ability to design good looking websites. And taking websites to the first page of Google.

  • We command up to 97% effectiveness in all our Business Written Documents, such as; Bsiness Plan, Proposals, Company Profile, and Feasibility Study.

  • If beauty and creativity are good and to be admired, then that is what we promise every client for our Logo, Business Card and Letter-head designs.

  • Business Consulting is complex; it is easy and difficult, simple and complicated, and every other set of opposite words you can think of, because good consulting that brings the desired results, goes beyond academic qualifications, age, and sometimes even beyond experience. This is our biggest strength.

Our Edge.


24/7 Support, Calls, Email & Chat (Whatsapp inclusive).

Off-line & Online (Physical & Virtual) business transactions.

Powerful Search Engine Optimization (High visibility on Google).

Unbeatable customer relationship.

In-depth business growth and management insights.

One-stop-shop for business solutions.

We would like to be a part of the success story of your business, let's join you in your next project.

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